All You Need for a Modern Taxi Startup

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This guest post is by Nate M. Vickery When UberCab was launched in San Francisco in 2011, only new thing it brought to the table was their mobile app. This great software was able to connect taxi drivers with customers in

ULU’s New Year’s Resolutions


There’s no stopping ULU, a new year has come and for us, it’s the perfect opportunity to set some new goals and keep giving it our best. You don’t become the best telematics and connected car solution without a little

ULU’s Year 2015 in Review


Another year is about to end, and as usual, it’s always a good idea to look back and see how far you’ve come and the milestones you’ve left behind. For ULU, 2015 was a year of great success and growth.

A Week with ULU: Becoming a Rockstar Driver

A Week with ULU- Becoming a Rockstar Driver featured

ULU aims to make all of our users rockstars on the road by giving them feedback on their driving based on their actual driving behaviour. This week, one of our happy customers, straight from the beautiful Barcelona,  told us her

Questions from our Customers


ULU is revolutionizing the automotive industry, by giving great connected car solutions to fleet owners, insurance companies, leasing companies, repair shops and even the everyday driver. We started back in fall of 2014, with the goal of creating a safer

The Art of Driving: The Speed Limit is a Limit & not a Target


It doesn’t matter if you are going down the street, or on one of the most beautiful highways of the world, every road you drive in has a speed limit, marked on traffic signs or by national regulations. But, have

The Art of Driving: Insights on Acceleration


Every day we get in our cars and we drive. From our house to the office, to take the kids to school, to run some errands, to a doctor’s appointment, etc. Driving well can be defined as art. Going from

VAMOS & ULU: Embracing the Power of Telematics Solutions


VAMOS is a Dutch online car business, characterized by their flexible car mobility solutions. Menno Renes, the founder and owner of VAMOS, shared with us his experience with ULU, how adopting telematics solutions has improved his business and increased their

This is How we Use our Cars

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Data talks, that’s a fact. After looking at anonymous trip information from drivers using ULU, we found some interesting conclusions on how we use our cars, or better said, don’t use our cars. One thing is certain, after reading this

iOS App: Update and be Amazed

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It’s with great pleasure that we announce that ULU’s iOS Telematics App has been updated with a new and amazing design! Our new iOS app is ready to disrupt the car industry. Easy to use interface, new color scheme, and